I am Marko Mäkelä from Finland and I've been competing in agility since 1995, with various breeds - Shelties, Border Collies, Spanish Water Dogs, Papillon etc. At the moment my full-time job is teaching and coaching agility under my company Ykslysti. I do this in Finland and also in other countries.

I have now been a judge since the end of 2017. I feel truly honoured to be invited to judge already so many cool competitions both in Finland and internationally. Personally, I like to run challenging courses with speedy lines and hopefully with some possibilities to have variations both in dogs' lines and handling options. And of course, that's also my goal when I'm designing courses as a judge - to have a course with speed, a proper amount of challenge for the level of class, safe lines, options, and variations for handling and dogs' lines. I always enjoy seeing dogs and handlers having fun on the courses I judge and teach! It keeps me going on - the joy and fun of agility!