Hello, my name is Stefanie, I am already 52 years old. Two years ago I moved to Finland but I am a German agility judge. I am into dogsport since 1985 and since 1996 I train agility. Until today, I competed with 6 dogs in all sizes in A3 and took also part at many bigger events and tryouts. At the moment I have two Border Collies, one is in class 3 and the other one still in class 1 as due to my very busy judging schedule I dont find the time to compete at the moment. Together with Seppo Savikko I run an agility hall in Espoo/Finland and besides the judging I also hold seminars in several countries.

I started judging in 2003 and in the last years I judged a lot of competitions all over Europe, but also Japan, USA and Mexico. Besides “normal” competitions I also judged a lot of championships and tryouts in different countries. One of the last highlights were to judge the FMBB 2019 in Czech Republik and the American and Caribbean Championship 2019 in Mexico. And at the moment I am looking forward to be one of the judges of the EO 2023 in Denmark.

In my courses I always try to have fluent lines for dogs and handlers, which allow them to perform in a good speed. One of my aims is to have always a safe approach to the contact obstacles. I love to design sequences in which the handlers can choose different ways of handling and where also skills of the dogs and the handlers are asked. I am looking forward to judging the CSJ-Open, I am sure I will see fantastic runs