CSJ Natural Dog Food, Herbs and Treats for Active and Working Dogs

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CSJ was established in 1998

Today, CSJ is one of the fastest growing dog food companies in the world. It all started when CSJ founder Ceri Rundle was working together with her dad, H. Glyn Jones, as international sheep dog triallists. “We couldn’t find an affordable, quality dog food for our world-famous kennel of working and winning Moel and Bwlch border collies. As a result, we decided to produce our own brand of working dog feed. Today we still strive to keep CSJ products better quality and more affordable than many other quality brands…'” Ceri Rundle.

CSJ use experts to manufacture the food and specialist dog nutrition advisers to work out the optimal nutritional dietary content. Nothing is left to chance. The team at CSJ take a scientific approach to dog food because, for a winning performance, every dog needs to be fit and healthy in mind as well as body.

Why are other brands more expensive? 

As farming people CSJ like good, practical solutions at down to earth prices. That’s why:

  • CSJ don’t waste money on expensive advertising
  • CSJ don’t use glossy packaging
  • CSJ don’t employ a large sales force

Also unlike many other top quality brands that are manufactured outside the UK, CSJ don’t incur high shipping costs. That’s why you can rely on always finding good value at CSJ.

As a key sponsor for Working Dog events, CSJ want to help every entrant make the most of our financial and moral support, so these events can grow in success and popularity. We prefer to help the various sports at grass roots level, so CSJ sponsors Working Dog competitions and clubs, as well as Teams and Championships. This hands-on approach continues to grow through personal recommendations, referrals and word-of-mouth.


CSJ go to extraordinary lengths to provide the very best food you can possibly give your ‘champions’. To find out more about CSJ and the people behind the food, the philosophy and the fun, visit: www.csjk9.com

The CSJ Agility Open
The CSJ Agility Open