The Schedule for the 2020 CSJ Agility Open will be available in late 2019…


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1Check In & MeasuringN/A 16:00 - 18:00N/A
2Event BriefingN/A 18:00N/A
1Pentathlon Agility 1TBC TBC1
2SnookerTBC TBC2
3Pentathlon Jumping 1TBC TBC3
4Steeplechase QuailifyingTBC TBC4
1CSJ National Round 1 - JumpingTBC TBC1
2Pentathlon Agility 2TBC TBC3
3Biathlon JumpingTBC TBC4
4Steeplechase FinalTBC PM1
1Pentathlon Jumping 2TBC TBC1
2CSJ Nationals Round 2 AgilityTBC TBC1
3Biathlon AgilityTBC TBC2
4GamblersTBC TBC1
1CSJ ChallengerTBC TBC1
2Pentathlon SpeedstakesTBC TBC1
3CSJ National FInalTBC TBC1

Please note, the above schedule is subject to change.

“The best agility show I have ever been to, and I have been doing agility for over 20 years.”

– Nicola Wildman

The CSJ Agility Open
The CSJ Agility Open
The CSJ Agility Open