Here’s the schedule for the CSJ Agility Open…


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1Check In & MeasuringN/A 16:00 - 18:00N/A
2Event BriefingN/A 18:00N/A
1Pentathlon Agility 1Neil Ellis TBC1
2SnookerJudy Wills TBC2
3Pentathlon Jumping 1Giuseppe Pinchetti TBC3
4Steeplechase QuailifyingBarrie James TBC4
1CSJ National Round 1 - JumpingGiuseppe Pinchetti TBC1
2Pentathlon Jumping 2Judy Wills TBC2
3Pentathlon Agility 2Barrie James TBC3
4Biathlon JumpingNeil Ellis TBC4
5Steeplechase FInalJudy Wills PM1
1CSJ Nationals Round 2 AgilityJudy Wills TBC1
2Biathlon AgilityGiuseppe Pinchetti TBC2
3GamblersNeil Ellis PM1
1CSJ ChallengerJudy Wills TBC1
2CSJ ChallengerNeil Ellis TBC2
3Pentathlon SpeedstakesGiuseppe Pinchetti TBC1
4CSJ National FInalBarrie James TBC1

Please note, the above schedule is subject to change.

“The best agility show I have ever been to, and I have been doing agility for over 20 years.”

– Nicola Wildman

The CSJ Agility Open
The CSJ Agility Open
The CSJ Agility Open