2021 Rules

The CSJ Agility Open 2021 Rulebook is available by clicking on the button below.

The CSJ Agility Open is run under its own competition and scoring rules.  Most of the judging and course design rules are based on the World Agility Open Rules and Regulations but we strongly advise reading the CSJ Agility Open rules to familiarise yourself with the differences.

You must ensure that you and your dog(s) comply with these regulations at all times and without exception. It is your responsibility to read and understand the rules and regulations that are in force at the time of this event.  You can find rules pertaining specifically to this show’s individual events in the schedule. If there are any rules you do not understand please ask.  In the event of any extraordinary circumstances not covered by the rules, any matter arising will be considered by the Competition Manager whose decision is final.

By entering this event you are confirming that you have read and understood the CSJ Agility Open Rules and Regulations as well as the specific event rules and regulations as stated in the schedule and promise to abide by them.

We really need your help to make this show a huge success for everyone.  We don’t want to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to – but we really hope that you will want to!  Because of the way the events are scheduled, there will always be a group of competitors not running dogs.  We have taken the liberty of assigning everyone to a ring during these times and it would really be hugely appreciated if you could lend a hand.  It should be really good fun!

If you know of anyone who is at the show but not running a dog and would like to be a bigger part of The CSJ Agility Open, then we would love to hear from them or you!

  • This event is open to all dogs and handlers irrespective of their level in any organisation, worldwide
  • Each event is a separate competition for each jump height with no pre-qualification necessary
  • Dogs and handlers do not need to be registered with any organisation.
  • No late entries for the event or for camping will be accepted
  • Dogs may only compete in one height for the duration of the event
  • Dogs must be run by the same handler for the duration of the event
  • There is one single entry that includes participation in all individual events
  • All classes will be run in strict running order
  • Running orders will be drawn randomly for the first round of each class but will be adjusted to follow the rules of multiple dog handlers. (See following page.)
  • Bitches in season may run at the event. Please notify enquiries@theagilityopen.com prior to 14th June 2021 or the Secretary’s Office at the event immediately on arrival. These dogs will be highlighted on running order sheets
  • The show management reserves the right to rule at the event on anything not covered in these rules
  • In the event of any extraordinary circumstances not covered by the rules, any matter arising will be considered by the Competition Manager whose decision is final
  • No results from this event will count towards progression in any agility organisation
  • A coin toss will be used to determine running orders in the event of a tie where necessary
  • In the event of a tie for a progression place, both dogs will progress
  • A run-off will determine final placement in the event of a tie
  • A no-show in any class will result in disqualification from that individual event, including prizes and awards and any further runs

To eliminate clashes, in the main this event will run under a group system which means there will always be at least one group not running dogs per rotation.  We hope that this group will assist in running the rings to which they have been assigned, as mentioned previously.

To ensure there is no competitive advantage, the groups will be created randomly to create an equal number of dogs. No requests or switching of groups will be permitted regardless of relationship to other competitors, except one request for Friends and Family at time of entry.  Please see the schedule for details.  This process will also apply to parents and junior handlers.  Failure to do this means that parent and junior handler could be assigned to separate groups.

Managing Clashes for Handlers with Multiple Dogs in Non-Seeded Classes


In the initial classes of each event (non-seeded runs) a random draw will produce the running order. Handlers running more than one dog will have a gap of 10 dogs (9 dogs between their runs) by moving the first-drawn dog earlier in the running order.  If this does not achieve a 10-dog gap, then the second-drawn dog will be moved down in the running order.

If there are not enough dogs in the class to achieve the 10-dog gap then a break of 6 minutes will be given.  The 6-minute countdown will start as the handler’s first dog crosses the finish line.  The handler must enter the ring with their second dog before the countdown is complete.

Handlers with more than 2 dogs will have their dogs split using the 10-dog gap rule unless there are not enough dogs in the class whereupon the dogs will be split evenly through the running order using the 6-minute rule as described above.  If a handler has drawn dogs close together in succeeding heights (e.g., drawn last to run in the 600 height and first to run in the 500 height) the 6-minute rule will apply and will run through while jump heights are being changed.

Please note that it is the handler’s responsibility to notify the Show Secretary’s office of any potential clashes requiring the 6-minute rule before 6pm on Wednesday, 16th June.


Managing Clashes for Handlers with Multiple Dogs in Seeded Classes


In the seeded classes, running orders are based on the reverse of the previous run, e.g., lowest placed dogs will run first; highest placed dogs will run last. In the event of a clash, the handler choosing to keep their running orders will be given a 3-minute break between dogs.

Handlers affected by a clash must notify the Show Secretary’s office within 30 minutes of the posting of the previous class should they wish to keep their assigned running order for the next round and take advantage of the 3-minute break.  Failure to do so will mean that they will either have their first dog moved up the running order to create a 6-dog gap or, if there are not enough dogs to allow this, the 6-minute rule will apply.

By entering more than one dog in this event, handlers indicate their acceptance to comply with these running order rules.

Specified Rules and Regulations  for competing and scoring apply to the entire event.  By entering, competitors agree to be aware of, and comply with these rules and regulations at all times.

By entering, competitors also agree that they understand and are compliant with the event-specific rules, including:


  • No dogs under 18 calendar months of age on the 21st June 2021 are eligible to compete. Competing dogs must have been born before 21st December 2019
  • Separate entry forms must be completed and signed by each competitor and accompanied with the appropriate fees. If using a recorded delivery service, please specify “No Signature Required” or acceptance cannot be assured.
  • All fees must be paid in full before entries accepted
  • Entries will not be accepted, changed or altered after the closing date. No refunds will be given for any reason after the closing date.
  • There will be no refunds for entries withdrawn or in the event a dog and/or handler is dismissed from the competition, regardless of the reason for dismissal providing this was within accordance of the Rules and Regulations
  • A dog shall be withdrawn from competition if it is:
    • Suffering from any infectious or contagious diseases
    • Interfering with the safety of any person or other animal
    • Likely to cause suffering to the dog if it continues competing
  • It is the competitor’s responsibility to be available for their class and running order
  • Anyone who enters or attends this show is totally responsible for the behaviour of their dogs, children and guests. Any competitor whose dogs, children, or guests create unnecessary disturbances or repeatedly engage in unsafe or disruptive behaviour, may be asked to leave the event grounds. No refunds of fees will be made in such a case
  • No competitor shall impugn the decision of the judge, judges or show management
  • No person shall carry out punitive correction or harsh handling of a dog at any time within the boundaries of the show
  • Should a judge be unable to fulfil their appointment, the show management reserves the right to appoint another judge. This may require alteration of other judging arrangements, in which case, the circumstances will be publicised on the Agility Open Facebook page if possible.
  • In the event of abandonment of the show through circumstances beyond our control, the show management may defray such expenses from the entry fees to cover the cost of the show preparation. These accounts will then be made public.
  • All dogs are entered at this show at their owners risk and whilst every care will be taken, the show management will not accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury however caused to dogs, persons or property whilst at the show
  • Failure to pick up after your dog is completely unacceptable and will result in your being asked to leave the event immediately. If you walk multiple dogs, you must ensure that you can pick up after them all.  If you can’t, walk fewer at a time and be on constant vigil!
  • Dogs left in hot cars, or dogs appearing to be in distress, will be dealt with as seen fit by the show management
  • Returned cheques do not constitute a valid entry. A £20.00 service charge will be levied in the case of returned cheques

The following table shows the jump heights for the event.

Height name Dog’s Height (mm) Jump Height(mm) A-Frame Height(m) Long Jump Length (mm) Tyre Height centre(mm)
250 320 & below 250 1.7 500 400
300 380 & below 300 1.7 600 450
400 440 & below 400 1.7 800 550
500 500 & below 500 1.7 1000 650
600 Over 500 600 1.7 1200 750



When measured, a dog should be placed in a standing position on a flat surface such as a table. The measurement is taken from the perpendicular line from the top of the dog’s withers to the flat surface.  Only UKA, WAO and previous CSJ Open measures will be accepted for entry into the CSJ Agility Open.  If a dog does not have a appropriate measure for this event, they must attend the measuring session that is being held on Wednesday 16th June from 14.00.  If your dog does not have an official measurement it may be excluded from competition.   No dogs competing in “600” height require an official measurement.

Note.  If your dog’s official measurement moves you into a different height than the one entered you may compete in that height at no extra cost.  If you choose not to run there will be no refunds.